Knead 4 Wellness

Knead 4 Wellness

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Your Healthy Therapeutic Option

Knead 4 Wellness is a therapeutic massage center in Catonsville, Maryland dedicated to helping individuals struggling with chronic pain, injury, or stress. Here, I perform a combination of bodywork therapy and research-backed practice that makes my service the best choice for businesses and community leaders alike. I offer the healthiest option, and I am more than willing to serve you.

Company Background

Knead 4 Wellness in Catonsville, Maryland has been in business since 2001 as a professional massage therapy center that specializes in preventative health maintenance and stress reduction. 

About the Owner

My name is Kevin Hatcher, owner and founder of Knead 4 Wellness. A licensed massage therapist since 2001, I am highly skilled in a number of therapeutic specialties, including medical, deep tissue, Swedish, and myofascial massages. 

Clients have described me as a gifted, creative, and visionary individual in the field of therapeutic massage. Numerous testimonials from former customers and health care professionals vouch for the quality of my services.

I have been recognized and awarded by government and civic agencies for my expertise in health promotion, stress management, injury prevention, and pain reduction. I have also completed several certifications from the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). Included in my certification training are wellness programs for sustaining individual and corporate development.

Mission and Vision

I strive to attain the highest form of professionalism and excellence in the field of massage therapy. My goal is to assist clients in achieving optimal health and wellness.