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Knead 4 Wellness

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Rejuvenating Your Muscles

Knead 4 Wellness in Catonsville, Maryland is here to rehabilitate your muscles. As a certified therapist with more than 16 years of experience in therapeutic massage, I can leave you feeling better in no time.

List of Services

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myoskeletal Therapy/Pain Reduction
  • Myofascial Release

  • Swedish Massage
  • Active/Passive Stretching
  • Stress Management


I was in severe pain which was affecting my head, neck, shoulders, and back, which had almost incapacitated me throughout the week. Kevin graciously agreed to see me as an emergency appointment. When I walked into his office, I was struck with the sense of peace and calm. Sensing the severity of my pain, he took time to understand my symptoms, to determine how best to help me including the proper course of treatment.

Kevin was able to determine the numerous areas in my neck, shoulders, and back (those were the focus areas of my massage) which were adversely being affected by muscle tension. With precision, he worked out the knots which in turn brought great relief to my entire upper body. As the session ended, he further discussed with me exercises I could do at home to stretch my muscles during the day to prevent and/or relieve any muscle tension. That night, when I went to sleep, I am 90 percent sure I did not move all night. I awoke, for the first time that week, pain free and refreshed. Later the next day, he was kind enough to check in with me to see how I was feeling. I sincerely appreciated that gesture of kindness. If you are suffering muscle pain of any kind, from mild to acute, please give Kevin Hatcher a call. He has the knowledge and skills to evaluate your individual situation and to assist in the resolution of such issues.

Thank you Kevin. May God continue to use you to bring health and healing to those you serve.

- Grace

I'm a desk jockey with a long commute, so you can imagine what a mess of tension my shoulders must be. I'd always thought of a massage as a luxury until I started seeing Kevin on a regular basis. Now I think of massage the same as I do exercise or cooking a nutritious meal: it's an essential for good health! My migraines have drastically reduced in number and severity, my posture is much improved, and I am able to do more while hurting less.

- Sarah

I never leave an appointment without feeling that my mind, body and spirit have been refreshed.

- Michael

I had the most amazing massage by Kevin Hatcher at Knead 4 Wellness. I feel relaxed and renewed. Thank you so much Kevin Hatcher. The best massage I have ever received. You have a regular customer!

- Khalilah

I have a genetic disorder that causes frequent joint dislocations and puts all kinds of strain on my muscles. I've tried a lot of therapists over the years, but Kevin is the only one I trust to fix me up when things go horribly wrong. He's incredibly skilled at both therapeutic and relaxation massage, and he always knows just what's causing the pain and how to make it better. He's an integral part of my care team, and I don't know what I'd do without him.

- Denise

It all started when my daughters gave me a gift certificate for a massage with Kevin. I initially put it off because of my apprehension about seeing a male therapist. However, when I finally amde the appointment, Kevin put me at ease with his professionalism, knowledge and caring for my well-being. I am now a regular client who visits him bi-weekly. My job is very stressful, and requires operating a hand held device for much of my work day. This is definitely not something recommended for good posture. In addition to releasing muscles affective by poor posture, Kevin provides stretching techniques, which have proven useful between sessions. I look forward to my visits and have highly recommended him to others. One massage and you will be "hooked" also!

- Barb

Hurt my back recently, but managed to give myself Reiki until I was able to receive a wonderful massage today from Kevin Hatcher. This was the highlight of my day.

Thank you Kevin!

- Lisa

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